Ireland in Ukraine



From Monday 05 July, the Honorary Consulate will no longer facilitate visa applications. Please continue to apply for visas on the INIS website (, after which you will be directed to the VFS Office of Kyiv to facilitate your application and to submit supporting documentation. Please see here for VFS website: 

While the Honorary Consulate will no longer facilitate visa application, we continue to receive passport applications and deal with other consular issues.

 If you are travelling to Ireland you may need a visa. A visa is a paper document affixed to a page of the holder's passport. It permits a person to travel to Ireland during the validity period stated on the visa. It does not guarantee entry to the State. An Immigration Officer at the port of entry has the authority to grant or deny admission, and to decide the duration of a person's stay in the State.


Whether or not you need an Irish visa depends on what country you are from. Even if you are a national of a visa required country you may not require an Irish visa in some circumstances, as outlined on the linked websites below.


Detailed information on each visa category, the visa fee required and a checklist detailing what documents are required in support of your visa application may be found on the website of the EMBASSY OF IRELAND, MOSCOW. Further information is also available from the website of the IRISH NATURALISATION AND IMMIGRATION SERVICE (INIS).  




You will then lodge your application including supporting documentation at VFS Kyiv. Please see here:




If you held a passport prior to holding your current valid passport or are currently travelling on a replacement passport, you must submit a photocopy of your previous passport. You are obliged to submit photocopies of the pages of previous passports,  just those with visas and stamps. You must clearly explain why you replaced your old passport and include any relevant police reports with your application. A decision on a visa application will not be issued until all relevant passports are seen by the Visa Office. 

For C-type visas: the passport expiry date has to be no less then 6 months from the date of your return to Ukraine.

For D-type visas: the passport expiry date has to be no less then 12 months from the date of your entry to Ireland

Original documentation: the originals of all documents must be submitted along with an English translation. Documents which have not been translated from Ukrainian/Russian to English will not be considered.

Photocopies of documentation: Please supply a photocopy of all documents that you would like to be returned to you.




  • Visa applicants are not generally required to attend for interview.

Children under sixteen years of age

  • Since 27 November 2008 children under 16 years of age accompanying a parent/legal guardian are also required to apply for a separate visa to enter Ireland. Therefore a visa application needs to be completed for each individual, even if the child is named on his/her parent’s or legal guardian’s passport. Two photographs of the child must also be submitted and a visa processing fee is payable for each applicant.




To ensure the speedy processing of your application, please note the following:

  • All the required documents must be submitted with your visa application
  • Visa applications can be submitted no earlier than 3 months prior to your intended departure date
  • It is important to read carefully and take note of all relevant information on this website and on the visa application form before submitting your application
  • Do not use clips and files, do not clamp the documents by the stepler.
  • All the doccuments should be submitted if the original documents are shown (or their notary copies).
  • All the documents issued in Ukrainian/Russian languages should be translated into the English language, and should be confirmed by the stamp of translation agency
  • Travel tickets should not be purchased until a decision has been made and passport has been collected
  • Applicants may expect verification checks to be undertaken in respect of the information and documents submitted.
  • The onus is on applicants  to supply independently-verifiable information in order to establish that visa applications are genuine.


Information on processing times, visa decisions and appealing a visa refusal may be found on the website of the EMBASSY OF IRELAND, MOSCOW.


Important Notice:

Due to the anticipated high demand for visas during the months from May to August inclusive, applicants are advised that the following approximate visa processing times will apply from the date of submission of your application to our office:

During these 4 months, applicants and those inviting are requested not to contact (by telephone or e-mail) the Visa Office in Moscow unless it is absolutely necessary.

For further and more detailed information please visit