Ireland in Ukraine


Note to applicants
Please prepare [non double-sided] photocopies of all required documents when submitting your application. If you do not supply a photocopy the original document will not be returned to you.

As a visitor, you must be able to support and accommodate yourself without working in Ireland .
It is acceptable for support and accommodation to be provided by relatives or friends in Ireland but not from public funds.
You are not entitled to work in Ireland and you must intend to leave after a maximum of 90 days stay.
It is not possible to change your status while in Ireland .
If there is a suspicion that the applicant intends to find work, overstay or settle in Ireland the visa application will be refused.

If you are a visa-required national and intend travelling to Ireland for a short period of time you should present the following documents with your visa application:

  • 2 copies of signed application summary. Please apply the online visa application via this link:


  • 2 colour photo with a white background, the expression should be neutral with no hair covering the eyes, mouth closed. Photo must be taken in the past six months. Photo size (minimum. 35mm X 45 mm, face -70% of the photograph)


  • Passport/travel document (please include the photocopies of all pages,your previous visas and stamps).

    If you have been refused a visa for any other country, details of this must be given. Submit a copy of the letter issued to you by the authorities of that country. Concealment of visa refusals will result in your Irish visa application being refused


  • Evidence that you are obliged to return to your country of residence. If you are employed you should provide a letter from your employer granting leave of absence and stating the duration of your employment, your position and salary. If you are in full time study you should provide a letter from your school or college giving details of your course and specifying the date on which your course of study re-commences. If you are not in employment or are retired you should provide information regarding your social and economic ties to Ukraine.
    • If a child is travelling to Ireland with you - legal consent from the other parent/guardian must be provided (in case if one parent stays in Ukraine).


  • You must provide an up-to-date bank statement, showing what money has been paid into and out of the account over the last six months. You must submit this whether or not you are covering the costs of the visit yourself. Bank statements must be on headed paper - internet printouts will not be accepted. Your name, address, account number and account type must be visible on the statement. Any large lodgements must be explained. If you are sending a bank statement from a deposit/savings account, you must also include a letter from your bank confirming that you are allowed to withdraw money from that account.


  • Evidence of the relationship between the Applicant and the Inviter (if relatives are invited): Birth/Marriage/Divorce Certificates etc.)


  • Hotel booking confirmation (if applying for a Tourist visa) 


    If the person travelling is a student or unemployed, their application should also include the following:

    - Letter of sponsorship stating the sponsor will cover the cost of your visit

          - Evidence of how the sponsor is related to you and a copy of their passport details page

          - Letter from sponsor’s employer including salary

          - 6 month detailed bank statement for sponsor


         If the person travelling is under 18 years old, their application must also include the following:

         - Copy of their birth certificate

         - If travelling alone, the consent of both parents/guardians is required.

         - If the child is travelling with one parent, the consent of the other parent is required. This signed parental consent must be accompanied by a copy of the consenting parent's passport or national identity card showing the bearer's signature.

         - Where only one parent has sole custody, a Court Order bestowing sole custody of this child must be shown.




        If you are invited by the citizen of Ukraine or EU citizen the following documents should be submitted from his/her side:

  • Invitation letter

  • Details of the status of the person in Ireland, this should include:

    • copy of all pages of his/her passport

    • copy of his/her Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) registration card ( * not for EU citizens)

    • copy of his/her current Work permit/Green card (* not for EU citizens)

    • letter from an employer in Ireland

    • letter from a landlord or Tenancy agreement (with last few utility bills)

  • Evidence that the person in Ireland has sufficient funds to cover the costs of stay, this should include:

    • bank statement

    • copy of most recent P-60 (Certificate of Pay, Tax and Pay-Related Social Insurance)

    • recent pay slips

        If you are invited by the citizen of Ireland he/she should provide you with the following documents:

• Passport of citizenship of Irish

• Evidence that the Irish citizen has sufficient funds to maintain you (Bank statement)

• Details of the Irish accommodation in the State

Invitation letter

Additional documents or information may be required.
We aim to make a decision on your application as soon as possible however, please allow ten working days for your application to be processed.




If you are living in Ireland and you wish to invite someone to visit you, you must write a letter of invitation.
The letter should contain the following information:

• If the applicant is not related to you then please state briefly how the applicant is known to you including details of when, where and how often you have met. This should be supported with copies of your passport showing evidence that you have visited Ukraine

.• Give details of any time the applicant has visited you before

• Please state briefly what you understand to be the applicant's purpose of journey to Ireland and the duration of stay.
• Will the applicant be staying with you for the duration of stay?
• Will you be supporting the applicant financially?
• Are you satisfied that you have the sufficient financial resources to support the applicant if the need arises?
• Contact details for you in Ireland

Send your letter to the persons you are inviting to Ireland , they must then submit the letter with their visa application.

Additional documents or information may be required.
It takes from 10 working days your application to be processed.

For more detailed information please visit the website